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Starting a work application can be hard.


This website will help make it easy


It will show real life examples of everything you will need to prepare for work.

School Application

background checks

including Police Check,

Working With Children Check

apply now keyboard 1.jpg

how to apply for work

including resume, cover letter, making phone calls 

interview question.png

interview tips

including what to wear,

what questions to ask


travel cards

including Myki, Companion Card, MPTP Taxi Card

background checks

Background checks

Before you start
you will need
Aust Passport small.jpg
ID card.png

  • to check that you have enough personal ID documents to start your application. Each check needs different types of ID documents. There is a checklist of documents included in each section.


  • a list of all the addresses you have lived at for the past 5 years, including the dates that you lived in the house.

  • to make sure your ID is current, and has your correct address and full name.

  • if you have changed your name, you will need proof of this.

Police Check
Police Check (through Australia Post)


Most workplaces will ask you to provide personal documents with your name and address so they can complete a background check before they hire you. If you do your own Police Check you get to use it for 1 year.

Police Check for website.jpg
Working With Children Check
Working with Children Check


If you want to volunteer or work in a place where you may see children and people under 18 years old you will need a Working with Children Check.

WWCC front male.jpg
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Proof of Age card
Proof of Age card


It is a good idea to have a form of ID that shows your photo and your address. If you don't have a driver's licence this card can be used to prove your identity when applying for the above checks. 

proof of age card female small.jpg
ID documents
Some of the documents you may need when you apply for a background check or identity card

Aust Passport small.jpg


foreign passport updated.jpg

International Passport

birth-certificate NSW EMMA.jpg

Birth Certificate

drivers licence vic female.jpg

Driver's Licence or

Learner's Permit

medicare card quizlet.jpg

Medicare card

bank card black.jpg

Bank card

Aust Migration Status ImmiCard.jpg

ImmiCard 1


Citizenship Certificate

Evidence of Immigration Status ImmiCard.

ImmiCard 2

visa grant notice sample.jpg

VISA Grant Notice

Concession card.JPG

Concession card

sample utility bill.jpg

Utility bill

Apply for volunteer or paid work

basic resume / CV 

resume pic.jpg

​You should update your resume for each job you apply for and save it as a PDF. It should be about 2 pages long. Click here for more resume tips

cover letter 

cover letter image.jpg

​You should write about why you're the best person for the job based on your work or life experiences. Talk about why you're excited to get the job. Click here for more cover letter tips

sample application form  

sample application form image.jpg

​Filling in forms can be hard. You can practice with these sample volunteer application forms.

making contact

telephone switchboard.png

There are many ways to apply for a job. You can apply online, by email, by making a phone call or face-to-face. ​Below are some examples of someone applying for volunteer work.

grey suit 2.jpg
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next steps
Trainer's Manual
 Training Materials



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