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Trainer's Guide

A guide for trainers to help their learners navigate the Student Workbook and gain transferable skills to become independent when applying for personal background checks and identity cards. 


The training package uses a combination of web-based exercises from  

  • Quizlet

  • DigitalLearn

  • GCF LearnFree.


Student Workbook

A Student Workbook with exercises to help build the computer skills required when applying for personal background checks and identity cards. It is intended to be used with the guidance of a trainer in either a class or small group setting. Those with previous computer knowledge will be able to navigate this Workbook with minimal assistance.

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*  link to training exercise in Trainer's Guide and Student Workbook - Prepare for Work application form

Trainer's Guide and Student Workbook Package 


When you order the Training Package you will receive a link to both the Trainer's Guide and Student Workbook for printing or use online.

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Book a Training Session 

Sandybeach Centre are able to deliver training sessions at our Centre in Sandringham, or at your workplace. 

Please send us an enquiry so we can discuss your training needs. 

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