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  • What are the other ways to donate to the Sandybeach Centre?
    Making a donation is just one of the ways to support the Sandybeach Centre. You can get involved through a number of other channels, like: Fundraising by changing your hair, getting active, or participating in any of our initiatives Volunteering in our office, through regional fundraising groups, or during events Leaving a gift in your will, or in memory of a loved one
  • Where does my money go when I donate?
    Your donation will go to supporting the Sandybeach Centre. Support for people in the local community For more information on how we spent our money last year, you can visit the Financials section our latest Annual Report.
  • Can you set up a monthly automatic donation?
    If you want to make a lasting impact, consider becoming a regular giver. Regular donations are the most effective way to support your community, contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.
  • How will I know if my donation is used correctly?
    Wondering how to ensure your donation is used effectively at Sandybeach Centre? Here’s how: Financial Transparency: Assess the centre’s financial information to gauge its accountability. Strategic Impact: Evaluate the centre’s strategic plan and outcomes to judge its community impact. Annual Reports: Review annual reports for insights into progress and activities. Sandybeach Centre is committed to transparency. For detailed information on our spending, visit our latest Annual Report.
  • Will I be tax exempted if I donate here?
    Yes, you'll receive a tax receipt on any donation over $2. This will allow you to claim your donation come tax time. Most donations to charity offer the same benefit. You can use the tax receipt for your donation to claim a deduction at tax time through the Australian Tax Office's online portal. If you have a personal income tax agent, they can submit the deduction on your behalf. We have a comprehensive guide to claiming a donation tax deduction for people donating to Sandybeach Centre.
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