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About us

Welcome to Sandybeach Centre, an empowering Bayside community hub, that encourages personal and professional development through its wide open doors, friendly team and enthusiastic participants.


Sandybeach is your local community centre and we have something for everyone!

All of these programs and more are on offer for you:


  • New creative skills for personal development


  • Job skills


  • Lifestyle and language


  • Healthy body and mind


  • Arts, music and writing​


  • Volunteering


  • And participating in hobbies and leisure activities​

Our history

Our history

Sandybeach Centre commenced operation in 1982 when the Morey family took possession of the large building on the present site at Sandringham.


A unique community development started by a private initiative has now become a busy non-profit Co-operative Society with over 1,500 people using the service weekly.


As well as generating income from fee-for-service activities, the Centre receives support from the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) and City of Bayside.


Community groups and other rental groups are also able to utilize  the centre when Sandybeach programs are not running.


Since 1982, Sandybeach Centre has grown and prospered because of the co-operative efforts of the people in our community.

The complete Sandybeach Story can been seen here.

Why choose us?

Sandybeach is a warm, friendly and supportive centre that stretches itself to deliver the best possible service to our community.

Belonging to the Sandybeach Centre family is something that stays with people for life.


Sandybeach Centre is
an inclusive organisation providing programs and services that enrich the quality of life for our
diverse community.

Our Vision

Sandybeach will become the place to meet, connect, learn and have fun.

Our values


Respect for all members of our community is important.  Without it, the enrichment and change will not be possible.  We focus on being respectful of each individual and adopt a person-centred approach in everything we do.

Collaborative and Inclusive

Everyone is welcome.

We aspire to work with people from diverse backgrounds and embrace teamwork first in order for all to succeed.  We seek to understand the diverse needs of our community and our role in addressing them.

Integrity and Honesty

Great results can be accomplished with integrity by honest and enthusiastic people who value their community and actively seek out positive change for everyone. "Do the right thing, be mindful and acknowledge our mistakes".


Provide a safe and secure environment for staff, volunteers and all who engage with us.

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