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Sandybeach Centre is an independent not-for-profit community co-operative society. Your donation can make a real difference in helping others. Donations can be made to support specific programs or for specific equipment as well as the Centre generally.


If you are looking to make a donation you can claim on tax (DGR) then Sandybeach Centre is registered for two DGR funds. We have a Scholarship fund to support people in education programs. Anyone attending an Educational Program in a registered service and suffering financial hardship is eligible to apply.

Examples of past scholarship grants include: 

My child has attended the Education Program in the Early Learning Centre since the beginning of the year.  When my marriage fell apart and there were lots and lots of court dates I thought I would have to take her out of the program.  With the scholarship she continued attending the program and have one area of stability, normalcy and happiness in her life.

I used to be on drugs and suffered a stroke as a result.  After going through physical therapy and rehabilitation I discovered Sandybeach.  Getting a scholarship has allowed me to train and get a job – I am now drug free, happy and actively employed.

The second DGR fund is for the building.  Like many older buildings in the area we struggle to keep the facility usable by all members of the community. The building fund will support us to:

  • Install a push button opener on the accessible toilet door.  At the moment it is all manual and users need to twist around and use a piece of string to close the door behind them

  • Fix the guttering that has many holes and rusty spots

  • Paint the building

  • And many more ……….


Donations help Sandybeach keep fees low and support vulnerable people to join in community activities.

We thank the following for their recent donations:

Rotary Clubs of Sandringham and Beaumaris

Lions Club of Sandringham

Sandringham Community Bank branch of the Bendigo Bank and the many individuals who have donated.

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