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interview tips
Interview tips
Think about the answers to these questions before your interview
What questions they may ask you
  1. What experience do you have? What are other jobs you have done?

  2. What have you done before that is similar to this job?

  3. What qualities do you have that will make you good for this job?

  4. What things about you will make you perfect for this job?

  5. What will you enjoy about the job?

  6. What do you know about the workplace?

What questions you should ask them
  1. What are the tasks and responsibilities of the job? What will I have to do?

  2. What will be expected of me?

  3. Who is my supervisor?

  4. What are the hours? What days of the week?

  5. What is the pay rate?

  6. How long is the position for?

  7. I know (this) about the company, but can you tell me a bit more about (…..)?

interview question.png
What you should take with you


                             For before the interview:

water bottle.jpg
food snack.jpg
  • Water bottle

It’s important to drink water so you don’t get dehydrated and start feeling sick. Your mouth can get dry if you’re nervous, or you may get a tickle in your throat that will make you cough. Having a sip of water can help.

It’s best to keep your water bottle in your bag during the interview. Only drink during the interview if you really need to.

  • A food snack  

 To eat before the interview. You don’t want a rumbling tummy during the interview.

  • A comb

To brush your hair, if needed.

During the interview:
  • 3 copies of your most current resume that is tailored to the job you are going for,        in a waterproof folder

  • The name of the person you are meeting with

  • A list of questions you want to ask about the job


  • Pen and paper
  • A smile!

resume pic.jpg
resume pic.jpg
resume pic.jpg
pen and paper 1.png
smile emoji.png

Say their name!

When you speak to someone new, in person or on the phone, it is a good idea to repeat their name back to them when they first say it. This will help you remember it. 

Finish the interview by thanking them for their time. 

You might like to say:

  • "Thank you for your time. It was lovely to meet you (their name)"

  • "Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today. Enjoy the rest of your day (their name)".

  • "Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you soon (their name)"

what to wear
What to wear

Your first impression starts with your appearance.


This means how you are dressed and your personal grooming (how well you have brushed your hair, your teeth and washed).


You are more likely to get the job if you have made an effort to look professional and well organised. 

What to wear to an interview?
Seek provide tips for what to wear to an interview, including the colours and styles of clothing for specific types of jobs and industries.
iron 4.jpg
business shirt.jpg
grey suit 2.jpg
cotton fabrics 3.jpg
pencil skirt.jpg
  • Do wear clean clothing that is ironed.

  • Do wear button shirts that fit well and are the correct size.

  • Do wear a jacket, pants, dress or skirt that fit well, and feel comfortable.

  • Do wear traditional everyday fabrics, like cotton and nylon, rather than leather, velvet, glitter or spandex.

  • Do wear plain colours like blacks, grey or white. 

  • Do wear length appropriate clothing, like skirts longer than knee-length.​ 

  • Don’t wear ripped or torn clothing.

  • Don't wear jeans, t-shirts, or denim.

  • Don’t wear tank tops, dresses with thin straps, singlets or shorts.

  • Don’t wear your sports or active clothing. 

  • Don’t wear loud, bright colourful items.

ripped clothes.jpg
bright dress2.jpg
Organisations that can help you dress for an interview
fitted for work logo1.jpg

Fitted For Work is an organisation that supports all woman to dress nicely for an interview. They provide the clothes and styling advice.

You have to be referred by an agency or community organisation to use their services.


Based in Melbourne CBD.

wear for success logo black.png

Wear For Success is an organisation that provides clothing and styling advice for people going for job interviews.


You have to be referred by an agency or community organisation to use their services.


Based in South Melbourne.

smart blokes new.jpg

Groomed To Go is a friendly place for men to go and get interview appropriate outfits, style advice and interview tips.


You can book yourself in for an appointment.


Based in Frankston.

organisations dress interview
how to get there
How to get there

Travel cards


You will need a Myki travel card if you want to travel on a bus, train or tram in Victoria. 

Find out how to buy a Myki card here.

youtube logo 2.png
myki access travel pass.jpg

If you have a permanent disability you may be able to get a Myki Access Travel Pass which means you can travel for free. 

Download an application form for a Myki Access Travel Pass here. 

MPTP taxi card.jpg

If you have a permanent disability you may be able to get a Multi Purpose Taxi Program card which means you only have to pay half the taxi fare. 

Find out how to apply for a Multi Purpose Taxi Program card here. 

companion card male.jpg

If you have a permanent disability you may be able to get a Companion Card which means you can get an extra ticket to places like the movies and sports games for free. You can give the Companion Ticket to someone to help you attend the activity. You can also use it while on public transport.

Download an application form for a Companion Card here.

Plan your journey

google maps.jpg

Travel tips:

clock time.png
walk female.png
- You should plan to arrive 15 minutes early.
- You may want to do a practice trip earlier in the week, just to make sure you are able to get there without trouble.
- When you get on the bus you can tell the bus driver which stop you want to get off at and ask them to let you know when it's time to get off the bus. 
- There are apps you can use to see if the trains are running on time, like MetroNotify.
- Check the weather before you travel.
Do you need an umbrella and warm coat or do you need a hat and sunscreen?
- Write down your travel details and take them with you. Ask someone for help if you think you may be lost.
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