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Why is Easy English important?

Everyone has the right to understand information that is written down, it helps people participate in and understand things that are happening around them. Easy English was developed to make it easier for people with low English literacy to understand letters, forms, documents and posters.


How to support a person to read an Easy English document:

  • Read the Easy English document and the supporting information before you start

  • Sit down with the person, choose a quiet and comfortable environment.

  • Let the person tell you which parts of the document they want to read and which parts they want you to read for them. Be flexible.

  • Write down any questions, concerns or relevant information they provide.

  • Write down things that need following up on.

  • Encourage discussion and provide relevant examples to help with understanding.

  • Be clear about who will send additional information to the person and when.



Reading Easy English should be a shared activity between the reader and a support person, such as a family member, friend or carer. The support person can use the images to explain key messages and help the reader make informed decisions if required.

Adapted from Scope's Easy English Fact Sheet

About our project

Prepare for Work was developed by Sandybeach Centre with funding from the ACFE Board Capacity and Innovation Fund (CAIF). 



Sandybeach acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.

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Prepare for Work materials and website developed by Colleen Jackson and Emma Raverty for Sandybeach Centre.

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