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The Artist's Stories

‘From a Distance’ by Germaine Vilbert

Germaine explores a more contemporary look by working with Acrylic on wood.

“I took a photograph of the beautiful coastline from the timber staircase towards Red Bluff at Sandy Beach. I thought it would make a lovely painting. I wanted it to look more contemporary to all other previous artwork which has been done of Red Bluff”.

From a Distance - Germaine Vilbert.jpg
Winter Walks Along the Bay, by Juliet D

‘Winter Walks Along the Bay’ by Juliet Collins

Juliet’s embroidered artwork is one a series of artworks which she has created during the COVID-19 pandemic as a response to current events. This artwork was designed especially for the Sandybeach Online Art Show and is her interpretation of the theme ‘All Along the Bay’.

“Through my thread drawings I explore the experience of being a woman: empowerment, strength, sensuality, self-love, vulnerability and our connections with others. My aim is to convey a sense of a woman's inner landscape and her connection to her environment. I choose to work in thread, using the sewing machine as a drawing tool as I love the extremely expressive quality of the thread drawn line. All of my pieces begin as pencil/ mixed media drawings on paper, usually working directly from the life model. In designing my thread drawings, I carefully choose colours, patterns, textures from my large collection of preloved fabrics to convey the emotion, character and atmosphere that I wish to communicate in the piece. Many of my works are available to order as original embroidered pieces or as prints. Please visit my website for more information”.

Matt explores different textural effects working and experimenting with various mediums.

‘Superfish Highway’ by Matt Harrington

“I enjoyed using modelling paste to create the shapes of the fish. I blended acrylic paints to make new colours. I used paint and charcoal to create more defined line work”.

‘The Sandy Shell’ by Matt Harrington

“This painting depicts a shell lying on the seabed with seaweed floating behind it. Texture was created using modelling paste applied with palette knives. Warm and cool colours of paint were applied using sponges. Charcoal lines were added to bring out the details”.

Superfish Highway_v1_current.jpg
A Scrappy Seagull Mia Barnes.jpg

‘A Scrappy Seagull’ by Mia Barnes

Mia explores and enjoys the challenge of repurposing items found around her home and within her local area. Her textile effects come from many different sources found within her house, both inside and outside, her work place and on regular walks on the beach. She enjoys being creative and problem solving.

“I started off with an idea, an image of a bird as I love birds. I knew I would be limited in my drawing or painting ability so I started to think how I could portray this image in a different medium.

We often hear the chomping away of papers being shredded in our work place and that’s where my project started. I grabbed a handful of shredded paper and started to roll each shred into a tight ball, securing the end with a good old bit of glue stick. Rolling each piece of paper took many, many hours. I actually found it quite meditative. I like to repurpose things; I like the challenge. During many of my beach walks I came across further items which added a touch of authenticity in completing ‘A Scrappy Seagull’ made out of scraps”.

‘Sandy Beach Cliffs’ by Milos Adventure Dog Down Under and Paula Appelhans

Milos, Adventure Dog Down Under, is a Sheltie/Maltese mix dog. He has been part of so many adventures with his family since arriving in Australia from the US five years ago. For this adventure/artwork, he utilises poster paints and card stock paper. He uses only his paws for the entire painting with the help of his owner Paula. No human brush strokes have been used!


“The cliffs around the Sandringham Beach has been one of Milos’s favourite walks since we moved here. We tried to capture an area where Milos used to stop and howl for some reason. Milos has recently published a book ‘Even Dogs Go to Hospital’ where he shares a health condition that emulates what a child may encounter in their own journey. Local vets have also loved it as it demonstrates what a family pet may go through. Milos believes all are enabled with many different talents and promotes animals and their ‘Hoomans’ to be their best selves”

Sandy Beach Cliffs by Milos_v1_current.j
Sea Shells on the Weekend Sebastian STEP

‘Sea Shells on the Weekend’ by Sebastian Harris Hart

Sebastian explores different textural effects working and experimenting with various mediums.

“One day I went to the beach and enjoyed what was around me. I looked for some sea shells and I thought I would do some research on it. From research and personal thoughts I created this piece of art based around seashells and the sea”.

‘Pink Sunset Beach’
‘Back Beach Rockpool’ by Trinh Watson

Trinh’s resin paintings are inspired by her love for the sea, its ever changing beauty, whether it’s the interplay of the light on the multi spectrum of blue, turquoise and green colours of the sea; the moving tides creating interesting swirling patterns on the sand bank; the vivid colours that lie beneath the sea; incredible sunrises and sunsets creating magical colours and ambiance across the infinite sky. Living closely with her natural surroundings, she sees nature’s beauty as a gift and daily life is a privilege.

Pink Sunset Beach
Georgia Clifford child pic.JPG

‘Sandybeach during Covid 19'

by Georgia Clifford Age 5

Georgia loves drawing and colouring in which is captured in her image of the beach using a variety of materials. Georgia currently goes to kinder and is looking forward to starting school next year where she can further explore her creative skills. 

Back Beach Rockpool  IMG_6124_v1_current
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