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Spotlight on Mary-Claude: Our Passionate All Abilities Expressive Arts Tutor

At Sandybeach Centre, we're thrilled to spotlight Mary-Claude Vienet, a dynamic Dance Movement Therapist with a passion for fostering growth and confidence through the expressive arts. With a strong background in both one-on-one and group sessions, Mary-Claude brings a wealth of experience tailored to diverse populations. Her innovative approach emphasises person centred learning, utilising dance, movement, and music to enhance communication and interpersonal skills among participants.


Mary-Claude’s inspiring journey includes her work at Unison in French Forest, NSW, where she built trust and meaningful interactions with adults with physical and intellectual disabilities. Her programs focus on joyfulness, relaxation, and self-efficacy, always beginning from where the client is at and fostering a safe environment for growth.


An advocate for the Pre-Accredited Quality Framework (PQF), Mary-Claude is committed to continuous improvement and upholding high standards. She envisions courses like those inspired by the movie "Inside Out" to increase emotional awareness and resilience through movement and choreography, fostering teamwork and problem-solving.


Mary-Claude's dedication to inclusive environments and her creative vision make her an invaluable asset to Sandybeach Centre. We're excited to have her contribute to our mission of making a positive impact in the community. Thank you, Mary-Claude, for your commitment to enriching lives through the arts!


To join one of Mary-Claude's all-abilities classes please click here


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