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Exploring Creativity and Culture

This term, our All-abilities Art in Action class have been buzzing with laughter and boundless creativity. From ancient-inspired scroll paintings to vibrant hanging lanterns, our students have been immersed in a world of artistic exploration and cultural celebration.

Inspired by the elegance of oriental scroll paintings, our students delved into creating their own masterpieces. Using a unique blend of coffee and hot water, we aged the backgrounds to perfection, lending an air of antiquity to our scrolls. Adorned with intricate imagery of dragons, our creations paid homage to the vibrant spirit of Chinese New Year in February.

Continuing our journey into the oriental theme, we embarked on crafting our own stunning hanging lanterns. Using coloured tissue paper and a clever technique involving blown-up balloons, we sculpted delicate lanterns that captured the imagination. With LED candle lights nestled within, our lanterns transformed into glowing beacons of beauty, enchanting all who beheld them.

The culmination of our efforts was nothing short of mesmerising. From the ancient allure of scroll paintings to the luminous charm of hanging lanterns, each creation was a testament to the power of creativity and cultural inspiration. As we reflect on our journey this term, we're filled with pride at the beauty we've brought to life and the joy we've shared in our Art in Action classes. Here's to many more moments of laughter, exploration, and artistic wonder in the days to come!

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