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Empowering Success with Tech Skills and Confidence at Sandybeach Centre

A interview with Robyn and how she transformed her tech skills and confidence at Sandybeach Centre 


How did you came to be involved with Sandybeach Centre?  

Robyn: I needed to improve my computer skills to keep up with how the world works these days. I looked it up online and found an 8-week course called "Smart Tech Made Simple" at Sandybeach Centre.  


What specific skills or knowledge have you gained through the program at Sandybeach Centre? How have these skills improved your confidence and ability to seek employment?  

Robyn: I learned a lot! Everything that didn’t make sense to me before now does. I've really learned a lot of useful skills, which has definitely improved my confidence and ability to seek employment.  


How has your time at Sandybeach Centre helped your employment opportunities?  

Robyn: It helped me with the preparation before starting a new job, especially since there's so much online preparation needed now. I would have been unable to do that before taking the course.  


How has the community and support at Sandybeach Centre, including staff and fellow participants, contributed to your journey and overall experience?   

Robyn: The support at Sandybeach Centre have been amazing. The staff are incredibly helpful, and the fellow participants are supportive.   


How has your experience at Sandybeach Centre shaped your future career goals and aspirations? Would you recommend Sandybeach Centre to others, and what advice would you give to someone considering joining?   

Robyn: My experience at Sandybeach Centre has given me the confidence to pursue jobs that require tech skills, which I previously felt unqualified for. I would definitely recommend Sandybeach Centre to others. My advice to anyone considering joining is to just go for it. The courses are incredibly beneficial and the support you receive is invaluable. 

To learn more about "Smart Tech Made Simple class please click here



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