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Writing Skills

Writing Skills

If you are interested in extending your skills as a writer in a supportive, encouraging and inclusive environment, then join experienced tutor and writer Claire Gaskin in our Writing Skills program at Sandybeach Community Centre.

This course will:

  • Help you use writing to express how you think and feel

  • Inspire you to enhance your powers of expression

  • Give you an opportunity to be part of a diverse group sharing a passion for poetry, life stories, fiction, memoirs, creative non-fiction and more...

  • Cater to all skill levels

At Sandybeach Community Centre we aim to provide an inclusive, friendly, and supportive environment for learning, building and expanding of connections. We value diversity and encourage enrolment from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and people of all abilities, cultures, sexual orientation, and genders.  We understand that systemic barriers to education and classroom participation exist and aim to work with participants on individual accomplishment and fulfilment.
TERM 2, 2024
Thursday at Sandybeach

🗓️ Date: 18 Apr - 27 June

⏰ Time: 9.15am - 2.15pm

💰Cost: $285

📍Location: 2 Sims Street Sandringham
📞Call us on 9598 2155 to enrol


Friday (online only)

🗓️ Date: 19 Apr - 28 June

⏰ Time: 12.30pm - 4pm

💰Cost: $205

📍Location: Online 

📞Call us on 9598 2155 to enrol



  • Testimonials

    "As a person who lost her voice and is returning to writing in her late middle age, this class is fantastic. Claire ensures that it is run as a supportive and constructive atmosphere. I have learnt so much in the three semesters I have attended the class. This includes: how to read a poem, how to understand the techniques the writer uses to impact the reader, how to make sense of poetry that I have no real understanding of, different poetry types and techniques. There is a workshop section where we read and analyse someone's poem. I find it fascinating to experience so many different types of writing and to see the beauty in them all. Most importantly, I have learnt not to compare others' work with my own and feel totally inadequate, but to find my own voice amongst the fray and honour that. Claire is an intelligent, skilled and knowledgeable teacher that makes the online class a highlight of the week! In the words of the bard, Ian "Molly" Meldrum, 'do yourself a favour' and join the group." 


    "I wanted to say how much I value the Friday afternoon writing classes. It is a rare privilege to be able to be taught by one of Melbourne's finest writers. The class is dynamic and useful to me in many ways. I have had one poem published in Creatrix. I am working on an anthology of poems to be published next year. In addition to this I am currently writing a book on the Bipolar Spectrum and hope to have this published in 2024. This book and my book of poetry has been guided attentively by Claire Gaskin. I can only say that the class has actively facilitated these efforts at publication and self improvement."
    Dr James Le Bas


    "Sandybeach Writing Skills classes have helped me to continue improving my skills. Working with Dr. Claire Gaskin as facilitator has broadened my perspective and has encouraged me to try new things. Listening to the work of an eclectic group of writers has also enabled me to develop my own style. In the seven years that I’ve been coming to Sandybeach I have had two children’s books published, plus a collection of poetry. I’m continuing to gain confidence and have two more collections of sestinas almost ready to submit to a publisher. I have also had a short story win a prize that has been included in an anthology in the UK. Prior to meeting up with other writers, my work was insular. Being able to share ideas and listen to feedback means that we are all reaching higher levels of competence as well as enjoying the encouragement to succeed. This writing group has changed my life and holds an important place which helps me maintain my mental health."
    Barbara Pyett


    "Claire provides astute tutelage, creative inspiration, depth of writing assessment and references contemporary and historical writers across genres. I have 25 years’ social work experience and Claire’s ability to cater for diversity and intersectionality in a writing context is profound. I have observed students of all ages, abilities and interests respond to her focused and intuitive coaching, all making improvements in their writing and aspirations. She is able to attend to writing about trauma and other complexities, professionally and non-intrusively, always focusing back to the writing. Claire has a significant impact on her students and their formation of formal and informal communities."

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