Job skills

Catering and Events


Work alongside enthusiastic and like-minded foodies who want to provide professional catering.

  • Appropriate for experienced participants- (completed the Basic Cooking class or the equivalent).

  • Learn and develop cooking skills and techniques through providing internal and external catering.

  • Plan, organise and facilitate events.

  • Team work and resilience skills.

  • Pathway to volunteering positions and future employment.

  • Experience garden to plate entertaining and events.

  • Opportunities to build confidence and independence.


Mon 15 Jul - 16 Dec

11.30am-3.30pm 21 wks

$320 Aust. Citizen/Perm. Res.

Community Access and Volunteering


The Community Access and Volunteering
program is designed to provide class participants experience in  opportunities within the local community. These include maintaining a community garden, interacting with participants at other services and work experience in a retail role at Vision Australia. The program is designed around student engagement and keeping interest levels high, relevant activities and group participation meaningful.

  • Develop skills in planning, goal setting, workplace occupational health and safety (OHS) and working in small teams.

  • Learn about and experience community-based volunteering.

  • Learn and practise skills required to successfully undertake a volunteering role.


18 Jul - 12 Dec

9.30am-12.30pm 20 wks

$270 Aust. Citizen/Perm. Res.

Aged Care and Community Services
staff training

Throughout the year we will be scheduling a range of training programs for people  working in the Aged Care and Community Services sector. Our programs will be linked to Accreditation Standards, be practical, hands on and facilitated by an industry expert. To enquire, please call or email our Reception team.

Medical Reception


Learn about becoming a Medical Receptionist.

  • Know how to use PracSoft Medical billing system.

  • Learn the terminology.

  • Meet like-minded people.

  • Gain the confidence, knowledge and skills to become a medical receptionist.

Wed 28 Aug - Thurs 12 Sep
2 days per week for 3 wks
$159 Aust. Citizen/Perm.Res.

Wed 13 Nov - Thurs 28 Nov


2 days per week for 3 wks

$159 Aust. Citizen/Perm.Res.

Mentoring - a step toward mainstream
volunteering or work experience


Each person works with a mentor to undertake volunteering or work placement that is linked to their interests, skill level and the type of tasks to be completed. In Term 1 the co-ordinator will work with individuals to clarify the type of placement they are interested in and establish connections with mainstream businesses. A plan is developed with the co-ordinator, individual and mentor to place the participant in a volunteer role and mentor growth and skill development. Involvement of the mentor would gradually decrease as the participant becomes more comfortable and accepted in the role. The benefits of the program include:

  • Placement in a mainstream workplace as a


  • Skill and knowledge development that may led to a paid role.

  • Opportunities to gain new friends.

  • Meaningful, ongoing engagement in the community.

The program will also contribute to increased community understanding and acceptance of disability and community diversity.


Thurs 18 Jul - 12 Dec

1.15-4.15pm 20 wks

$115 Aust. Citizen/Perm. Res

Get Ready for Work - Computers Level 1

Fast track your employment opportunities as you develop computer skills in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

  • Improve your confidence in formatting text, paragraphs, creating tables and editing documents in Word.

  • Learn the basics of Excel with formulas, graphs and entering data.

  • Create presentations in PowerPoint, add text,  pictures, graphs, animations and transitions.

Wed 7 Aug - Thurs 22 Aug


2 days per week for 3 wks

$159 Aust. Citizen/Perm.Res.

Wed 16 Oct - Thurs 31 Oct
2 days per week for 3 wks
$159 Aust. Citizen/Perm.Res.

Get Ready for Work - Computers Level 2


Be ready for employment and become more comfortable with your work tools. Learn to move between Word, Excel and PowerPoint while doing work projects. For those who have completed Level 1 or for anyone who has basic skills and would like to move to the next level.

Wed 17 Jul - Thurs 1 Aug

2 days per week for 3 wks
$159 Aust. Citizen/Perm.Res.

Computers and iPads


Develop basic skills in using a computer and iPad, including use of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, internet and email. The course is
designed to build confidence in those new to
technology, build on existing skills and provide pathways to further learning.


Tues 16 Jul - 17 Dec
9.30am-12.30pm 20 wks
$250 Aust. Citizen/Perm.Res.


Sandybeach Training Education Pathways. Programs designed for people with an intellectual disability.



New courses being offered in the July - December 2019   Program and Event Guide

Activities and support for active seniors (60+) and people with age related conditions. Reach programs are open to all and there are a range of subsidy options for people over 65 years and living in their own home. Transport may be available.

As part of the Learn Local organisations across Victoria we offer a range of education and training programs designed to meet your learning needs. We are a Government registered Learn Local organisation and deliver pre-accredited training. For more information of Learn Local Organistations please go to:

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