Health body & mind


Enjoy some time out with this mind and body  exercise class designed to promote good health and well-being. Our Master Trainer, Rebecca Quin, will take you on a journey of mindful movement which results in a return to harmony and balance. ChiBall® has its foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine. You’ll enjoy improved co-ordination, balance, muscle tone, energy, relaxation and stress reduction. An overall ‘feel good fix’.

Mon 15 Jul - 16 Sep
9.15-10.15am 10 wks
$160 inc. GST


Mon 7 Oct - 16 Dec
9.15-10.15am 11 wks
$176 inc. GST
Classes are not held during school holidays or on public holidays

Mind, Health and Connect

An energetic and holistic approach to wellness.
Learn new skills and activities to sustain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Participants engage in reflective practice to enhance personal development and mental health, relaxation and well-being. A comfortable and welcoming environment which includes activities such as aerobics, health walking, Tai Chi and dance based
exercise. Beginners welcome.


Fri 19 Jul - 13 Dec
9.30am-12.30pm 20 wks
$350 inc. GST


Learn how to lengthen and align your spine and improve your overall strength and balance. Pilates improves your core strength, flexibility and body awareness. This class will leave you feeling energised and refreshed with your mind and body in balance.

Wed 17 Jul - 18 Sep
9.15-10.15am 10 wks
$153 inc. GST


Wed 9 Oct - 18 Dec
9.15-10.15am 11 wks
$168 inc. GST
Classes are not held during school holidays or on public  holidays

Meditation & Mindfulness

This guided 6-week program is suitable for anyone who is looking to gain a deeper understanding of meditation and mindfulness and how it can profoundly impact your life, alter how you respond to stress and teach you the art of stillness.
Throughout the program you will discover a variety of meditation techniques, mindfulness exercises and breathing practices that you can utilise to establish a regular routine within your own life.
Find the peace that you crave in a blissful hour-long class where you can focus on YOU, calm your mind and get back to your centre.
Join us in this friendly and supportive environment - we will be keeping things simple and easy to understand, finding techniques that suit you and are accessible.
Just bring your own mat, blanket if you’d like one and wear comfortable clothing.

Wed 23 Oct - 27 Nov
7pm - 8pm 6 wks
$90 inc. GST

Note: Classes are held offsite at the Sandringham Uniting Church, Memorial Hall, 21 Trentham St, Sandringham

Move a little - basic mobility class


Want to move a little more than you do now?  Join us for a gentle exercise class to improve your mobility, strength and balance and decrease your risk of falls, injury and muscle loss.


Great for people with limited physical capacity and chronic health conditions and suitable for individuals using mobility aids as all activities can be modified for seated participants. 


Classes will cater for individual needs, however may include activities such as stretching, balance, hand weights and breathing/relaxation techniques. 


You will be supported by a qualified instructor who will share beneficial exercises that you can continue to do at home to improve your overall health.

Walking for Fitness

Come and enjoy an invigorating walk along the lovely coastal tracks. You will enjoy getting out in the fresh air and this will benefit both your physical and mental health. This is a great social activity followed by a half hour light exercise and stretch indoors. Wear walking shoes and comfortable
clothing. BYO water bottle.

Mon 15 Jul - 16 Sep
10-11.30am 10 wks
$135 inc. GST

Mon 7 Oct - 16 Dec
10-11.30am 11 wks
$148 inc. GST

Classes are not held during school holidays or on public  holidays

Exercise with Handweights

This is a great exercise class to strengthen and tone. There are dozens of exercises you can do to build strength without having to set foot inside a gym or use complicated machines. This class helps establish an exercise program that works for you. For older adults, the best exercise improves
strength, cardiovascular health, balance and  mobility. Work to your own pace and ability. Enjoy being part of a group that loves to exercise.


Tues 9 Jul – 17 Sep
9.15am - 10.15am 11 wks
$152 (C$97)


Tues 1 Oct - 17 Dec
9.15am-10.15am 11 wks
$152 (C$97)

Strength Training


Do you want to keep fit, improve well-being and build social connections? Then strength training is for you! These classes are great for strengthening, balance, falls prevention, core strength, general health and well-being. Fee includes light refreshments and transport may be available.


Group 1
Mon 8 Jul - 16 Sep
12-1pm 11 wks
$142 (C$87)

Mon 30 Sep - 16 Dec
12-1pm 12 wks
$142 (C$87)

Group 2
Thurs 11 Jul - 19 Sep
10-11am 11 wks
$152 (C$97)

Thurs 3 Oct - 19 Dec
10-11am 12 wks
$152 (C$97)
Classes are not held on public holidays

Core Pilates

This class aims to improve your muscle tone and postural alignment. Core Pilates movements can transform the way your body feels and moves, to make you more resistant to injury and enhance core strength. Other exercise principles are also integrated into the class such as; Tai Chi, Qi Gong,
gentle dance, Yoga and Feldenkrais. Suitable
for all levels.
Note: A prerequisite is that participants must be able to get up and down from the mat without assistance.



Enjoy a relaxing class in a friendly environment. Be guided through a range of gentle non-stress postures, stretches, breathing and meditative practices. Suitable for beginner and intermediate levels. BYO mat and blanket.

Note: Classes are held offsite at the  Sandringham Uniting Church Youth Hall.

Fri 19 Jul - 20 Sep
9.15-10.15am 10 wks
$153 inc. GST


Fri 11 Oct - 20 Dec
9.15-10.15am 11 wks
$168 inc. GST
Classes are not held during school holidays or on public holidays

Tues 16 Jul - 17 Sep
11am-12pm 10 wks
$145 inc. GST

Tues 8 Oct - 17 Dec
11am-12pm 10 wks
$145 inc. GST
Classes are not held during school holidays or on public holidays

Bayside Seido Karate


Traditional Japanese Karate - all ages and beginners welcome!

First class is FREE! Book Now - call 9587 9391
We are family friendly.
Karate has many benefits and it is a great
way to increase confidence, focus,
co-ordination, discipline, flexibility
and learn effective self defence in a safe
Learn from a 5th Degree Black Belt (Kyoshi
Darek Lebek) with over 30 years experience.
For more information
or email

Wed 17 Jul - 18 Sep
10.30am-11.30pm 10 wks
$150 inc. GST



Sandybeach Training Education Pathways. Programs designed for people with an intellectual disability.


New courses being offered in the July - December 2019  Program and Event Guide


Activities and support for active seniors (60+) and people with age related conditions. Reach programs are open to all and there are a range of subsidy options for people over 65 years and living in their own home. Transport may be available.

As part of the Learn Local organisations across Victoria we offer a range of education and training programs designed to meet your learning needs. We are a Government registered Learn Local organisation and deliver pre-accredited training. For more information of Learn Local Organistations please go to:

Meditation and Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga involves deep stretching and release of tension in the physical body - simple floor based poses made accessible for all abilities  and experience.

Complimented with meditation mind training to relax, calm and restore.  Come along and enjoy this guided 6 week program. 

Join Avril Burbidge, internationally trained teacher with 22 years experience.

Find the peace you crave, focus on YOU.

The perfect partnership for modern living and your mid week pick me up! 

Just bring your own mat, blanket if you’d like one and wear comfortable clothing.

Wed 16 Oct - 20 Nov
10am - 11am 6 wks
$90 inc. GST

Note: Classes are held offsite at the Sandringham Uniting Church, Memorial Hall, 21 Trentham St, Sandringham

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