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Sandybeach Centre Testimonials

We would like to thank our clients for all their feedback and support in making this a truely wonderful community centre…..


“Hi to all of the staff at the Sandy Beach Centre. Thank you for a wonderful graduation celebration tonight for my family and me. We had a great time and enjoyed very much Sue’s wonderful speech and encouragement. Thank you for your generous hospitality. Kind regards”
Trini and family – Participant Cooking
“A very enjoyable evening to cook paella. Great night, great food, music and people.  Beautifully setup! Thanks! …Dinner club? Can we do Japanese Next! ”
Jan – Participant Cooking 


“The teacher was fabulous and I liked the small class size and the fact that everyone in the group was really motivated. The course was really valuable and amazing.”
Nikki Blackwood – Student


“My knowledge and confidence has blossomed at Sandybeach. I regularly return to brush up on my skills… The dynamic fun and caring classroom atmosphere keeps me motivated…”
Liz Smith – Student


“We have been a part of the team of Volunteer drivers at Sandybeach Centre… We both get so much more in return than what we give.”
Alica Fogarty & Val Noonan – REACH Volunteers


“It is the friendliness of the staff and participatns that has made Sandybeach our second home.”
Heather & Karl Ripke – REACH Volunteers


“We had a great day and really enjoyed the lovely sunny room and being able to use the facilities of the Centre. Thank you for making it so easy for us, your professionalism and assistance were very much appreciated”.

Bev McLennan – President Sandringham Lions Club


…….General feedback

✮ The best aspects of training at Sandybeach include; Flexibility , Interactivity and team building with fellow learners, Total involvement, Group interaction and discussion.”

✮ “Course was delivered in a fun and informative style”

✮ “Excellent and very valuable experience. Will not know what to do on Tuesdays now. ”

✮ “Will definitely promote to all my friends the benefit of community learning.”

✮ “It was great to learn with a team of supportive and great/amazing individuals! Made course easier to get through”

✮ “All has really come together, the penny finally dropped. Thanks for all the great support.”

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