About Us

Sandybeach Centre is an independent not-for-profit community co-operative society, established in 1982.

We serve people in the Bayside, Kingston and Glen Eira local government areas of Melbourne, though our programs are not restricted to residents of these areas.

The Centre is a registered training organisation (RTO) and a registered occasional child care and early learning centre (ECLC).

We are a hub of educational and cultural activities in the community and our participants are adults engaging in a variety of nationally recognised training courses; – Aged Care, Home and Community Care, Early Childhood Education and Care, and Training Assessment.

Others attend pre-accredited courses, such as English as a second language, computing and other vocational skills. We offer STEP (Sandybeach Training Education Pathways) for learners with a disability

Many enjoy our range of leisure and special interest groups.plus activities for older adults, particularly for those who would otherwise be socially isolated.



A place where all may participate in learning opportunities, cultural activities and support services to enhance their quality of life.


..Will deliver innovative and responsive programs
..Will be a nurturing, friendly environment
..Will ensure best practice


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